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Our hopeful good night’s sleep is often disturbed by the thought of burglars entering our homes and worse, endangering our lives and our loved ones.

An interrupted peace of mind.

The deprivation of a well deserved security.

In 2011, more than 2 million burglaries were reported in America alone. A significant percentage of those incidents are through our very own garages.

The creators of the The Garage Shield have come up with an innovative solution to this growing concern.

The Garage Shield is a simple yet effective device to protect your home from the 6 second break in.

How can this be done?

Our guest today will lead us to the unveiling of this little trick to keep your home secured.

Thank you for having us today, Alex.

To start off, our readers are quite curious about your company. We see that The Garage Shield is exclusively distributed by The Garage Shield, LLC. Can you tell us more about this company?

The Garage Shield was formed in 2015 to support the Garage Shield device. We are currently awaiting approval on both our utility and design patent which were filed in 2015. We are currently working with a number of distributors and marketing agencies on bringing the product to market. Currently the device is available online only.

Inline with the question above, can you tell us about the time when you started to distribute the product through the company?

The product has been officially on the market since the summer of 2015. We have had a lot of attention from security companies, garage companies, realtors, law enforcement, and even Spy shops and HOA’s.

Well, that truly worked in your favor. Were there significant changes with the products design over time? If so, what were these changes?

Not really. The Shield was designed from the get go to be extremely simple to install. Our vision was to have anyone, including those with little to no mechanical experience, easily install the device in seconds. We like to say, fit it and forget it. The only real change was in Nov 2015 to make the device slightly more universal in design, to accommodate a wider range of doors.

To follow up on that, how are these changes beneficial to homeowners today?

If you have a J-Arm, or in layman’s terms, that little metal bar that connects your garage door to the garage door opener on your ceiling, then the Garage Shield will work just fine for you. Even if you have a thicker or round arm, it should install just fine.

There are products widely sold in the market that have the same function as your product. How does Garage Shield stand out from the competition?

Not true. There are very, very few products on the market, and they all require extensive mechanical experience and significant amount of time to install. Whereas the Garage Shield snaps together in seconds and without tools. Anyone can do it.

Most of the garage doors have the same structure but there are some that appear to be different from the rest. How do you address these differences in door structure?

Most any modern garage door that has panels (say, versus the old tilt up doors and barn doors) will work, assuming it uses the J-arm as previously mentioned.

Burglars will only need a hook and a wedge to break in. 6 seconds and homeowners will never know what hit them. 

As of writing, SOME homeowners still use a zip tie solution which are commonly denied by insurance. What were the actions made to make the product federally legal?

First and foremost, you don’t want to use a zip tie, it’s just stupid. In fact, the garage door company and news media that first aired the story, recently recanted and provided a new review of our product in favor of not using the zip tie. Think about it logically, why would you put a zip tie on an emergency exit blocking the exit? It’s just a stupid idea and could seriously put someone in harm’s way (think fire and smoke inhalation, not being able to escape the garage). The garage door industry, via the IDA and DASMA, has been warning people including garage door repair companies, to still using zip ties for years. It is a violation of UL Code 325 and Federal Regulations to use zip ties. The Garage Shield does not block the emergency release mechanism in any way.


You appear to have gone to great heights to ensure security for your clients. Can you share with us future plans on creating more designs that will tear down all possible garage door vulnerabilities?

I’m sorry, all plans for future products are still being kept tightly secret, as there are unscrupulous people out there that would certainly still our ideas if we don’t have patents in place.

This is probably what every home needs right now. Is this available outside the U.S? If so, how can our readers avail this product from other countries?

Yes, currently in Canada and Mexico. Shipping costs are too high for elsewhere at this point. We are also awaiting our international patent approval. We are working with overseas manufacturers for distribution elsewhere. Currently the product is made in the USA only.

Finally, can you share with us discount codes for our readers to avail?

No discounts, however you can save on shipping (which is costly) if you purchase two or more units. Perhaps a 3 car garage, or friends, family, or even a neighbor, might benefit from a second device?

An average increase of 0.9 percent per year for burglary is anticipated by the officials. Now with this product, it is expected to significantly decrease over the years.

We thank you for your time Alex and we wish you and the team behind The Garage Shield the best of luck.

Now there you have it folks, any comments or suggestions? Please write them below.



A Super Hero’s Shield Stops Crime | Newsroom for The Garage Shield

A Super Hero’s Shield Stops Crime

The Garage Shield fights 6-second break in with 1-minute installation

There’s an easy way for many homeowners to stop criminals with a tool that a super-hero might wield: a shield.

The Garage Shield blocks the simple-yet-effective way that many criminals can gain access to a home, using a clothes hanger and a wedge such as a traditional door stop. Most of these break- ins occur in just 6 seconds. In fact, the trick is so easy, it’s called the “6 second break-in” (#SixSecondBreakIn), and two YouTube videos demonstrating the technique have gained more than 3 million hits between them.

“The use of zip ties puts the home owner at risk and violate federal regulations and UL Code 325. The Garage Shield installs in seconds without tools and effectively blocks the 6 second break in technique.”


While some homeowners mistakenly believe using a zip tie is an effective solution, The Garage Shield is a safer and better option. A zip tie locking the garage’s emergency release mechanism can trap a child or disabled person in the garage during a fire or other emergency, especially if weakened by smoke inhalation. Plus, blocking the release mechanism violates federal regulations and UL Code 325. The Garage Shield, on the other hand, stops the coat hanger without disabling the garage’s emergency release mechanism.

With more than 2 million reported break-ins per year in the United States, many home owners are unnecessary victims to a break-in that could be avoided with this $20 solution for garage security.

According to FBI statistics, the average home burglary costs the homeowner about $2,230. Worse yet, 28% of all burglaries become home invasions, with six of 10 of them elevating into rape crimes.

Another stinger: when homes are broken into with this approach, they lack any sign of forced entry. With no visible evidence of criminal activity, law enforcement may assume it was a false alarm, and insurance claims may even be rejected.

In February, 2016, a Laveen, Ariz., woman’s home was cleaned out after burglars gained access through her garage door. The crime was captured on her home security video surveillance system. While she had evidence of the crime, many people wouldn’t.

“Once people understand the risk, why wouldn’t they want to stop easy break-ins?,” says Alex Wolfram, the Garage Shield inventor and Scottsdale, Ariz., resident. “It doesn’t take a super hero to stop this crime, just The Garage Shield.”

“The 6-second break in is something we hear about a lot these days.”

The Garage Shield installs in less than a minute and does not require the use of any tools. It is available online only at (#GarageShield) for $19.95.


For more information, or to schedule a demonstration or shoot video of The Garage Shield in action, please contact Alex Wolfram at or (888) 252-8006.

Videos available at

The Garage Shield fights 6-second break in with 1-minute installation

Source: A Super Hero’s Shield Stops Crime | Newsroom for The Garage Shield

9 (Inferior) Alternatives to Garage Shield

These 9 alternatives to Garage Shield are among the first objections that people may have when considering the product:

Get a Gun:
A gun won’t protect your home while you are at work, nor protect you while you’re deep asleep. Guns, ammo, and training also cost a lot of money, whereas The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and installs in seconds.

Get a Dog:
An untrained guard dog may not respond whatsoever to a defensive situation. That said, buying a dog, feeding it, vet bills, and training it takes tremendous resources. The Garage Shield installs in seconds and costs only $19.95, and may even protect your dog!

Get an Alarm:
Alarms are expensive, and rarely monitor the garage door itself. Should the alarm trigger, criminals can simply close the garage door and wait for the police to leave (while they load up on your belongings). The Garage Shield is added protection for only $19.95.

Lock your Door:
Most people prefer to use remotes for garage doors when leaving or arriving, especially on rainy days. If you don’t use a remote, then you don’t need an automatic garage door opener in the first place. If you have a remote, then you have an automatic opener and should consider the Garage Shield for only $19.95.
up a tremendous amount of resources

Cops will Respond:
The 6 second break in leaves no evidence of forced entry. No forced entry means no sign of criminal activity. If no sign of criminal activity, cops will generally leave assuming you had a false alarm. The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and proven effective in blocking intruders.

Insurance will Cover:
Insurance claims can be denied if there is no sign of forced entry. The Garage Shield, if tampered with, provides much needed evidence of forced entry and costs only $19.95.

Get Door Aligned:
A garage door service call can cost hundreds of dollars and requires a trained technician. The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and can be installed by anyone.

Build it Yourself:
You’ll need time designing, planning, various hardware (probably in bulk), wasted scrap materials, a hardware store trip(s), gas for your car, trial and error, and your personal time. The Garage Shield installs in seconds, without tools, is already designed not to interfere with your opener, and costs only $19.95.

Zip Ties:
Zip Ties violate UL Code 325 and Federal regulations, because they can trap you in your home during a fire. Many news channels have been criticized for advocating zip ties as they propagate a very dangerous solution. A new report by CBS in Texas has proven a much safer and just as simple solution called the Garage Shield.

Thieves stealing vehicles from locked garages in Shawnee using 6 second break in

Thieves are getting into locked garages and stealing cars with the owners at home.

Source: Thieves stealing vehicles from locked garages in Shawnee

New Product to Keep Crooks From Breaking into Your Garage

prevent crooks from breaking into your garageThere’s a new way burglars are trying to steal from homes that you should be aware of. Investigators across the country say the thieves slide a coat hanger through the top of the garage door and aims to hook the release handle, or the cord attached to it.If

Source: New Product to Keep Crooks From Breaking into Your Home Garage

Prevent Crooks From Breaking Into Your Garage

The Garage Shield is a device that prevents crooks from breaking into the garage by blocking the hook or hanger that they use to release the garage door from the track. Protect your home by getting a Garage Shield for your garage today.

Preventing garage door break-ins

AUSTIN — It’s a time of year when garage door break-ins usually increase. One gadget called the Garage Shield aims to prevent these break-ins.

“When people want to get into the garage from the outside, what they’ll do is they’ll come up and they’ll shove the hanger through this opening right here,” said Don Grenier, owner of Cedar Park Overhead Door.

He sells a product that can help prevent break-ins.

The rope he’s talking about is basically an emergency exit for a garage, but it’s meant to be used from the inside. Grenier explains this is a common way thieves break into garages.

We wanted to see how it works, so we enlisted the help of Grenier’s coworker, Matt Gray.

“I’ve never done this before,” Gray said.

We didn’t want to explain how to break into garages, but take our word for it, it wasn’t that hard.
It took him a few tries.

This can help block thieves from breaking in. It’s a piece of flat plastic called “Garage Shield” that attaches to the door’s mechanics. It blocks anyone on the outside from pulling the rope to open the door.

When we tried to break in again, it was much more difficult.

“We don’t want to scare people,” Grenier said. “This doesn’t happen a ton, but if you feel like it’s a big issue and many people know about this problem now, this is a good way to do it”.

Grenier admits this isn’t a common problem, but isn’t taking any chances.

Here are some tips to prevent a garage break-in:

  • Don’t leave the garage door remote in your car
  • Cover the windows in your garage door or get one without windows.
  • And make sure both the garage door and door from the garage to your house are locked.

For more information about Garage Shield, go here.

Source: Preventing garage door break-ins

My Six Second Burglary Story – The Product Poet

A little over three years ago, I awoke for my normal morning walk. As I walked into my garage, I noticed the third-stall garage door was open. A few moments later, I realized that we were a victim of a six second burglary. Yet had we had the Garage Shield in place at that time, we may have felt more safe and secure. And now, thanks to the Garage Shield, which sent us a complementary product for testing purposes, we can rest better at night knowing that our garage is more protected than it ever was before.Yet on that July morning three years ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about how violated I was with the burglary. My spouse was notorious for leaving her purse in the car and I have occasionally left the garage door open at night. At first, I thought I left the garage door open, but I distinctively remember closing it the night before.As I stared at the open garage door, I walked by my wife’s car and saw that her purse was still in the car, but the glove box was open and items were strewn about. I looked inside her purse and her wallet was missing.The glove box of my car was also open and items were also scattered about. Missing from my car was a pair of Beats headphones as well as a Nintendo 3DS gaming system.As I began to walk down the driveway, I noticed there was a credit card in the lawn. I then proceeded to walk down the street and I found nearly all the contents of my wife’s wallet: driver’s license, checks, credit cards and pictures. The only thing that was missing was her wallet. Phew, we got lucky.

As I turned the corner away from my house, I noticed there was a fair amount of contents in the a neighbor’s lawn; it now appeared there were other victims as well, whether it was garage break ins or vehicles in driveways.

By the time I arrived back home, the police were already in our driveway. They indicated that most likely what had happened was that a burglar had used a hanger to unlock the emergency latch mechanism; hence the “six-second burglary.” The officer also immediately suggested that I remove the plastic know at the end of the emergency latch mechanism as another alternative.

However, had I had a Garage Shield installed, the burglars would not have been able to grab a hold of the emergency latch mechanism as the shield would have blocked the hanger. But now that I have installed the Garage Shield, I feel that I am taking one extra step to stop another attempt to burglarize my garage.

The Garage Shield is really easy to install, which you can see from the video below. There are no tools required and in a matter of minutes, you too can feel a little extra security in your home knowing that the Garage Shield can help make it more difficult on the “Six-Second Burglar.”

Unfortunately our insurance company didn’t cover any of the lost items because there was no sign of a forced entry, but now that I know I can take extra steps to make it more difficult on a garage burglar, I feel safer in my home, more than I ever have before.

So without a doubt, check out the Garage Shield.

Source: My Six-Second Burglary Story – The Product Poet

6-Second Break-in Gets Thieves Into Garages

The 6-second break-in gets thieves into garages!

With a YouTube video and six seconds, a burglar can do some major damage inside your home or garage.

A D.C. couple learned that lesson the hard way and since has learned how to keep burglars out for good.

Suzanne Allan and Brian Reck said their garage was burglarized three times in July, August and as recently as the end of December. The thieves stole their expensive bikes and wine.

“The first time, we had seven bicycles parked in the garage,” Allan said. “They took five of them. After that, we replaced two. They hit us again.”

They have an alarm system in the house and garage, but it didn’t work.

Reck searched the Internet and discovered how the thieves got into the garage. Videos demonstrate the six-second break-in.

Thieves put a coat hanger and other material in a gap between the garage door and the wall and hook the emergency disengagement, Reck said.

Reck also learned a way to lock thieves out of the garage.

6-Second Break-In Demo:

Source: 6-Second Break in Gets Thieves Into Garages

New Fix for the Six Second Break-In Tested by KEYE TV

See how the Garage Shield prevents the Six Second Break-In as tested by KEYE TV news:

Six Second Break-In Prevention Test:

A rash of burglaries around Cedar Park has criminals busting into garages with a wire hanger or crowbar. It’s the so-called Six Second Break In and there are how-to videos all over the internet showing how vulnerable garages can be to crooks. But there is a solution, the Garage Shield, and it installs in just seconds!

Source: KEYE TV tests new fix for the Six Second Break In


KEYE TV tests six second break-in prevention device

The six second breakin is when a garage thief uses a wooden triangle to wedge open the garage door and then releases the door from the track with a hook or hanger. The entire process can be done within 6 seconds, exposing the contents of the garage, your home and even your family with no signs of forced entry. The garage shield is a simple device that helps prevent the 6 second break-in.

Crooks caught on camera stealing electronics from Laveen home |

Three criminals are wanted for breaking into a Laveen woman’s home while she was at work, taking off with some of her most prized possessions.  And get this, the suspects were all caught on camera raiding her home. The homeowner is speaking out in hopes that the video will help police catch the crooks.  When Juanita Owens logged onto her home security system app from work, she saw two men and one woman in her family room.
“Oh my gosh they’re in there,” she said.
Her alarm company sent her an email and a text letting her know what was going on.

“I’m in shock,” Owens said.

As soon as the suspects walk through the door connecting the garage to her home, the surveillance camera started rolling. The camera caught them in the act when they reached the end of the hallway. The video shows the suspect rummaging around before finally hauling out the television.
“And the girl goes straight for the back room, which is the master bedroom,” Owens said.
Juanita is a single mom and she got the security system to feel safe.
“I wasn’t even gonna get the camera feature,” she said. “I was like, ‘no, I don’t need it,’ but I’m glad that it’s there.”

She wants people to know how easily they did it. The suspects bent the top of the garage.

“In the middle your garage, that’s obviously the most vulnerable,” she said.

Then they stuck something through the opening to pull the release cord.

“It disengages it and you can open it from the bottom,” she said. “They broke the door entering the house.”

They took all of Juanita’s electronics.
“That stuff can be replaced,” she said.
But she’s mostly concerned about the irreplaceable things.
“The only thing I care about is my son’s pictures and memories, hospital bracelets, first hair cut, you know,” Owens said. “I want it back.”
She also wants justice.
“I just want them caught,” she said.
Juanita said she believes the girl in the video came back to her neighborhood yesterday. She followed her, got the license plate number and passed it on to police.

Source: Crooks caught on camera stealing electronics from Laveen home |