13 Tips for Safely Lighting Off Fireworks this Summer

4. Plan for accidental fires

Keep water (or a fire extinguisher) nearby. If something goes wrong, you’ll want a hose or bucket of water close by to extinguish the blaze.

For something more portable and robust than a water bucket, consider keeping a fire extinguisher near your fireworks area.


How much water will you need?

Firefighters use a formula to determine water ratios for putting out fires: 3

[(length x width of object on fire) ÷ 3] x percent of involvement=gallons per minute to put out a fire

For example, if you have a 10’ x 15’ tool shed that ignites and 50% of it is on fire, you’ll need 25 gallons of water per minute (GPM) to put it out (garden hoses usually output up to 17 GPM). 4 That might be shocking, but it demonstrates what you need to do to prepare for the worst and how quickly you should react to any fire.


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