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This is a Garage Shield Review by Geeky World This item can be purchased here: We shall begin with some information about the product from the company's website: Garage Defender Garage Defender Prevents 6 Second Garage Door Break-ins.Worried about 6 second garage door break-ins? Not feeling safe in your own home?Garage Defender Shield : 6 [...]

Safety Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed | Wild Redhead Homestead

Safety Equipment Review: Garage Defender (#garagedefender) The Garage Defender prevents people from manual releasing the garage door opener and lifting the door up. Most burglaries begin with the burglar going through the garage door. This tool is perfect to keep the bad guys out. It makes it that much harder for a criminal to gain access [...]

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My Product Review: Garage Defender #garagedefender

Product Review: Garage Defender Tuesday, August 4, 2015Garage Defender #garagedefender The Garage Defender is designed to keep out the bad guys!!! In Arizona alone, the Arizona Department of Safety reported 45,000 burglary call in 2013. The fact is most burglar are going through the garage. This video show how easy the "6 second breakin" really [...]

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8 Home Invasion & Burglary Statistics – Garage Security

Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report states that a household member was home in approximately 28 percent of burglaries. Alarmingly, a household member suffered some form of violence in seven percent of burglaries. Around 60 percent of burglars used forcible entry to gain access to a home. A surprising 30 percent entered home through an unlocked door, window [...]

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