2020 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Buyers Guide

5. LifeSource: Best Cuff Size Options

LifeSource by A&D Medical stands out because its cuffs come in a wide range of sizes to fit all kinds of folks. If you have a big arm and struggle to squeeze yourself into tiny little cuffs, you’ll appreciate the size of LifeSource (Extra Large Cuff) (about $120). Finding the right cuff makes a big difference in accurately gauging your blood pressure levels.

We like the LifeSource extra large cuff because it fits arms (16.5–23.6 inches) that are too big for every other BP monitor on our list (about 9.0–16.5 inches). This is great for people with particularly muscular builds because they don’t have to settle for less accurate readings from a wrist- or finger-type blood pressure monitor.

LifeSource is one of the most accurate blood pressure monitor brands on the market, with countless online reviews praising its accuracy. Another nice feature is that it alerts you if it detects irregular heartbeat patterns so you can contact your doctor or seek medical attention if it becomes a problem. Still, this feature isn’t unique to LifeSource since all of the BP monitors we recommend have it.

One big miss on this blood pressure monitor is the memory storage. It stores only up to 60 readings, which is average compared to other monitors on the market. While this is acceptable on cheaper devices, it’s not great on a single-user device that costs over $100.

Ultimately, we think this is an excellent option if you don’t fit the average arm circumference of most people.


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