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2020 SimpliSafe Home Security Review

Protection From Home Invasions

2020 SimpliSafe Home Security Review

Do I need to have the internet or a cell phone to use SimpliSafe?

No. The SimpliSafe alarm system doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection, cell phone, or computer. All you need are the base station and the keypad. These components use a built-in cellular connection to communicate with each other.

But you may need to go online to activate and access certain features, including the SimpliCam security camera, which does require a Wi-Fi connection.

Can I combine newer and older SimpliSafe components?

Unfortunately, new SimpliSafe equipment isn’t compatible with older versions. If you want to upgrade your system to access new features like smart home compatibility, you’ll need to buy a new base station and sensors. But if you don’t want to start over, SimpliSafe plans to continue selling and supporting its original equipment.

There is some other good news—your SimpliCam or Video Doorbell Pro should work with new and older equipment.

Why would I want to pay extra for professional monitoring?

The benefit of adding professional monitoring to your SimpliSafe security system is knowing someone else is watching over your home. When your SimpliSafe alarm is triggered, the monitoring center receives an alert so they can confirm the emergency and contact help.

Without professional alarm monitoring, you’re on your own to assess the danger and reach out to law enforcement.

Got more questions? Check out our in-depth SimpliSafe FAQs page

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