6 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Stay Safe at School

6. Confirm your child’s records are up to date

When you first enrolled your child in school, you completed endless paperwork. But as the years pass, it’s easy to forget to update their school files with pertinent information. This can be problematic if your child develops an allergy or if there’s an emergency at the school.

If your personal or contact information changes or you want to confirm what information is currently on record, communicate with the school immediately.

Take action

At least once a year or at the beginning of each semester, review and update your child’s paperwork. Consider all the critical information your child’s school should know:

  • Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Medications your child takes
  • Emergency contacts
  • Illnesses your child may be susceptible to
  • Disabilities, if any
  • Approved visitors or family who can pick up your child from school

Along with these five tips, the best way to keep your child safe is to speak up. If you’re concerned about the cafeteria menu, playground bullying, or school policies, speak with administration or join the PTA.

Suggest opportunities for improvement and stay involved with school events. You’ll help your child thrive at school and contribute to creating a protected environment for all students.

Have you had success keeping your child safe at school? Comment and share your tips!


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