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How Does the ADT Alarm System Work?

The ADT alarm system will activate when triggered. A trigger can occur for a variety of reasons from glass breaking and high carbon monoxide levels to motion detection and more. Once the alarm is tripped, a signal will be sent to your control panel, which will alert the monitoring center.

The monitoring center will contact you as well as the authorities to see if you need help. ADT has 24/7 monitoring and six interconnected monitoring centers, so there’s always someone available to help.

What Do I Do in the Event of a False Alarm?

We contacted ADT to see what happens in case of a false alarm. The representative we spoke with said that ADT will call you to verify that the alarm is an actual emergency before contacting authorities. ADT also offers some tips to minimize or prevent false alarms: train security system users, secure doors and windows before arming your system, and service your system to ensure it’s running properly.

Does the ADT Alarm System Connect to a TV?

Yes, ADT connects with Samsung Smart TVs, allowing you to view live and recorded footage and stream video of your home.

Will the Police Automatically Be Notified if My Alarm Is Triggered?

Before police are contacted, the ADT monitoring center will call you to verify that the alarm is a true emergency. This is mandated by law in an attempt to reduce the occurrence of authorities responding to false alarms.

Does the ADT Alarm Sound a Siren When Activated by an Intruder?

Yes. ADT’s system sounds an alarm siren when it’s triggered. The loud sound is meant to alert you, the people around you, and the police that something’s wrong and you need help.

What Happens If I Need Help after Hours with My Alarm System?

ADT technicians are available 24/7 with live support. So, no matter when an alarm system issue arises, there will always be someone available to help you. If they’re unable to resolve your issue over the phone, you’ll have to schedule an in-person appointment, which could result in a fee, depending on your package.

Will My Children Be Able to Operate the ADT Alarm System?

When we spoke to a representative from ADT, they told us that the system is simple enough that anyone can use it. They also said that customers can create a child’s user account, so children can have access to the security system as well.

Will I Be Provided with Alarm Yard Signs and Decals to put up around My Home?

Yes, every ADT package comes with yard signs and decals. ADT doesn’t specify how many signs and decals come with the different packages, but they’re relatively inexpensive if you’re looking to add a few extra around your house.


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