Average cost of burglary is $2230

What is the Average cost of burglary ?

Will Your House be Broken Into This Year?.


What are the odds that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the FBI 2012 crime report shows that we can expect one in every thirty-six homes in the United States to be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of $2,230 per break in (totaling $4.7 billion in property losses). These numbers do not account for any additional psychological costs to the homeowners, as burglary victims may subsequently live in fear and harbor feelings of personal violation.

Top Ten Highest Risk Burglary Cities in the U.S.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the cities with the highest burglary rate. According to the FBI’s crime statistic rankings1 of U.S. cities with a population of 250,000 or more, here are the burglary stats by city on cases per 100,000 people for the 2012 calendar year (based on the most recent FBI crime report).

Cities in America with the highest crime rate (worst ranked first)

We want to remind you to use caution when looking over these rankings. There are different variables that affect crime and these rankings often lead to misleading perceptions affecting the areas and their residents.

Cities with the Highest Violent Crime Rates

  1. Memphis, TN – 1,056.8
  2. Detroit, MI – 1,049.8
  3. Flint, MI – 907.5
  4. Stockton, CA – 889.3
  5. Anchorage, AK – 811.1
  6. Rockford, IL – 739.7
  7. Lubbock, TX – 720.2
  8. Las Vegas, NV – 696.5
  9. Nashville, TN – 665.9
  10. Little Rock, AR – 665.0

Cities with the Highest Property Crime Rates (includes Burglary, Larceny-theft, Motor Vehicle Theft)

  1. Spokane, WA – 5,538.5
  2. Fayetteville, NC – 5,359.6
  3. Little Rock, AR – 5,150.4
  4. Columbus, GA – 4,778.6
  5. San Antonio, TX – 4,688.1
  6. Springfield, MO – 4,623.0
  7. Lubbock, TX – 4,522.5
  8. Montgomery, AL – 4,448.0
  9. Fresno, CA – 4,423.8
  10. Miami, FL – 4,390.3

Cities with the Highest Burglary Rates

  1. Fayetteville, NC – 1,827.4
  2. Flint, MI – 1,448.4
  3. Toledo, OH – 1,389.5
  4. Little Rock, AR – 1,379.9
  5. Memphis, TN – 1,303.3
  6. Montgomery, AL – 1,389.8
  7. Bakersfield, CA – 1,271.6
  8. Spokan, WA – 1,239.1
  9. Winston-Salem, NC – 1,220.8
  10. Columbus, GA – 1,211.0

Burglary Statistics Infographic

We created an infographic to visually portray how burglary can impact Americans and to showcase the key takeaways when considering home safety and investing in a home security system.


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