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FAQs about Bathroom Safety for Seniors

What are some other things that can be done to prevent bathroom accidents?

In addition to installing some safety products and tools for senior independence, it’s also important to keep necessary supplies like toiletries within easy reach. Think carefully about what essentials are needed on a daily basis in the bathroom. Things like toilet paper, towels, and hand soap should never be more than an arm’s length away.

Are there other bathroom safety concerns I should be worried about besides the risk of falls?

While preventing falls is the primary concern in the bathroom, it’s not the only safety risk for aging adults. You should also make sure to label medicines and get a pillbox to keep them organized and avoid accidental overdoses. Depending on the climate, it’s also recommended to turn down the water heater to 120 degrees to prevent accidental burns. For more safety advice for older adults, check out our senior safety guide.

How can I make sure the bathroom is a safe place for seniors?

Mounting grab bars and paying attention to nonslip surfaces can drastically reduce the risk of falls. However, there’s no way to absolutely guarantee safety and eliminate the possibility of injury to older adults. It’s best to be prepared and research the best medical alert devices, so if a fall does happen, help will be on its way. We recommend Bay Alarm’s In-Home Medical Alert devices for bathroom safety because they’re waterproof, have a long-range, and don’t require a contract.


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