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Best Alexa Home Security Systems

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Best Alexa Home Security Systems

How do I connect Alexa to my home security system?

To connect Alexa to your security system, all you need to do is add the skill for your home security company to your Alexa app.

You can find out if your security system works with Alexa by looking for an Alexa skill that matches your security system. Most of the security systems we looked at have Alexa skills that use the brand name. For example, the Alexa skill for ADT is called “ADT.”

For most security systems you can search in Alexa skills or narrow it down by looking in Alexa skills under “Smart Home.” Once you add the skill for your system, you’ll be able to control or check in on your security setup by talking to Alexa through your Echo device.

Can Alexa arm my security system?

Yes. That is the most common skill available when you add Amazon Alexa voice control to your home security system. But most systems don’t let you disarm your system or unlock doors with Alexa.

What is Alexa Guard?

Alexa Guard is a free security feature that lets your Amazon Echo device listen for suspicious sounds like glass breaking or your smoke alarm going off. When you activate Guard in your Alexa app, Alexa will notify you if the device picks up something unusual. You don’t need to have a security system to use Alexa Guard, but not all security systems work with Alexa Guard.

Can I use Alexa to monitor my security system?

Sort of. When you use Alexa Guard, you get notifications of noises happening at your house. If your smoke or CO alarm is triggered, you can call emergency services for help. If you hear glass breaking, you can alert the authorities.

But Alexa isn’t a substitute for professional monitoring from your home security company. It gives you an extra layer to add to self-monitoring if that’s your preference—but you won’t have professionals monitoring your house 24/7. And you won’t have a direct link to emergency services if there is a fire or break-in.

Do I have to use special voice commands when I add Alexa to my home security system?

Yes. Most security systems require you to ask Alexa to ask the system to do an action. For example, you need to say, “Alexa, tell Scout to panic,” instead of just saying, “Alexa, panic mode.”

For some actions, like smart lighting control, you may be able to simply tell Alexa to dim the lights or turn them off. Be sure to pay attention to all directions when you install the Alexa skill for your security system. That’s when you’ll find out what type of voice commands you need to use with your security system.

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