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Mobile medical alert system FAQ

How does GPS work with a medical alert system?

A GPS medical alert system pairs location technology like GPS tracking with a medical alert system that connects to a monitoring center. The medical alert device uses cellular signals like your smartphone to pinpoint your location. 

When you press the call button, it sends your location to monitoring professionals who can share your information with first responders who will come help you out. 

What is automatic fall detection?

Devices with automatic fall detection call for help as soon as they detect a fall by using built in instruments inside that measure height, speed, and pressure. 

If you take a spill and are knocked unconscious, your medical alert device will contact the monitoring center and get help. 

What’s the difference between a medical alert system and a medical ID bracelet?

A medical alert system is an electronic device that uses a landline or cellular signal to connect to a monitoring center. It can be used as a panic button in emergencies to call for help. A medical ID bracelet is a piece of jewelry designed to identify conditions you have or others of medications you take. 

How are GPS medical alert systems different from at-home systems?

GPS medical alert devices and at-home systems have the same job: getting you help when you need it. When it comes down to it, GPS devices versus at-home systems boil down to where you can call help from. 

Basically, you can call for help from anywhere in or outside your home with a GPS system while at-home devices need to stay in range of the base station.

Can a GPS medical alert system help a loved one with dementia?

Yes. When combined with features like a companion app and automatic fall detection, a mobile medical alert system can prevent your loved one from wandering and help you find them if they lose their way.


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