Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps |


Can a mobile scooter work with a wheelchair ramp?

Yes. The access ramps we’ve chosen work for scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. The important factor is you find a ramp that supports your weight plus the weight of your mobility device. 

How long should my portable ramp be?

It depends on where you’re trying to go. Generally, the higher the pitch, the longer the ramp you’ll need. If you have to clear several stairs to get into your home, you may need a longer wheelchair ramp to get inside on your own. 

Do portable wheelchair ramps work in vehicles?

Yes, but unless you have a specially designed van or vehicle, we recommend using them for an unoccupied mobility device. 

Portable wheelchair ramps are best for curbs, stairs, and thresholds, not vehicles. But they can be helpful for getting a mobility device out of a vehicle safely and then transferring the rider into the chair or scooter. 


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