Best Safety Devices for Seniors

Why are so many safety products for seniors focused around bathroom safety?

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of injury, both fatal and nonfatal, among aging adults in the US.¹ 

Activities that take place in the bathroom, such as getting in and out of a slippery tub or sitting and rising from the toilet, greatly increase the likelihood for a fall, especially since people want privacy when they’re doing these things.

How can I reduce the risk of a fall in the bathroom?

Bathroom safety is especially important for older adults. Start by reducing slippery surfaces with a non-slip mat and installing a grab bar for extra stability. If you (or your loved one) can’t stand in the shower, consider a bench or seat. Raised toilet seats or toilet bars can prevent falls too. 

How do I talk to a loved one about keeping them safer as they age?

Knowing how to talk about a medical alert system with your loved ones is tough. You don’t want to patronize, but it’s a serious topic that needs to be addressed. 

Start simple by asking how they’re feeling or if they feel safe at home. Discuss their limitations or pain points to narrow down what they really need and what is just extra. And if they’re resistant to the idea, tell them that it would put your mind at ease.


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