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Even though most of us have a romantic concept of vehicle burglars in our minds a lot like Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds, the reality of the matter is the overwhelming bulk of automobile thieves– specifically those that have actually been at this video game for a while– aren’t stealing automobiles off of the street, but instead right out of garages.

GARAGE SHIELD | Car thieves target garages to steal and rob from cars large | Proven Protection

This comes as quite a bit of a shock to most people, especially because they consider their garage to be an extension of their house– among the most safe places in this significantly risky world. To have a car stolen right out of the garage is a remarkable shock to anyone, and suffices to get them a lot more major about house security (not always a bad thing, after all).

However if you would like to prevent having your automobile raised from your garage in the very first location, you’ll wish to have a look at this fast guide and get your hands on some Garage Door Armor.

” Why do you rob banks?”

There’s an urban myth that legendary outlaw Jesse James (or was it Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, or Bonnie and Clyde) was asked why he robbed banks. His reaction was definitely traditional:

” Since that’s where the cash is”.

Professional cars and truck thieves have the specific very same mindset, and this is why they pursue cars that are parked in garages. After all, they understand that homeowners are going to garage cars that are worth putting in the garage in the first place, and it’s a lot simpler to track high quality lorries home and into a garage than hope you come across them out on the streets.

Burglars also understand that once they enter a garage the security systems INSIDE garages are nearly nonexistent. Individuals depend on their front-line defense (locking the garage door and ensuring that the huge bay doors are currently down), and then they sort of unwind.

Usually they do not lock their lorries inside of a currently locked garage– and that just makes it simpler for professional burglars to set about their company. A lot of individuals are also known to keep their keys in the garage so that they don’t lose them– a big benefit for wrongdoers that do not have to spend any time hotwiring or rustling through the house looking for a set of vehicle keys.

Getting into the garage is no problem whatsoever (the majority of the time, anyhow)

On top of that, entering into garages is normally no trouble whatsoever for expert burglars– a minimum of most of the time, anyway.

Thieves have actually discovered a basic and simple way to enter into nearly any garage with no real additional effort (or triggering a great deal of sound along the method). They simply press in a door panel, include a hook, grab the Emergency situation Release System, and then raise the door by hand– just as slowly and calmly as they can.

They have the ability to do so since there’s nothing obstructing their access to that Emergency Release System, unless obviously a property owner has done the right thing and set up Garage Door Armor. If that’s the case, they run out luck!


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