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Garage Shield Product Design. The Garage Shield is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install device that prevents 6-second garage door break ins.

zip tie warning

Zip Tie Warning

The Garage Shield to the rescue!  This is a stern zip tie warning from DASMA and the federal government.   If you have used Zip Ties to secure your garage door emergency release mechanism, which has been made widely popular by many unknowledgeable news media articles and stories, then you are in violation of Federal Code and UL 325.  If …

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6-second break-in

The 6 Second Break In

The 6 second Garage Door Break-in That’s Going Viral Your garage door is a crucial part of your home security. It’s also the largest entry way to your home. If an intruder gains easy access to your garage, everything inside is vulnerable. If you haven’t taken basic precautions for your garage door, your home itself …

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9 (Inferior) Alternatives to Garage Shield

These 9 alternatives to Garage Shield are among the first objections that people may have when considering the product: Get a Gun: A gun won’t protect your home while you are at work, nor protect you while you’re deep asleep. Guns, ammo, and training also cost a lot of money, whereas The Garage Shield is …

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