This is the default blog post category for Garage Shield Blog Posts. Garage Shield is a theft-prevention device that installs on the track of the garage door to block the 6 second break in.

Purpose of Emergency Pull Cord on Garage Door & Why It’s Useful

As you become a homeowner, there is a period in time where the euphoria of purchasing your first home slowly fades, and the realization of “now I need to take care of all this stuff” comes washing over. Some of it big, oftentimes small; but even the small stuff gets you thinking as you [...]

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Garage Door Lock Options

How can something as simple and commonplace as a garage door be so misunderstood or forgotten about? Really, the garage door couldn’t be any more straightforward. It opens and closes; performing like any useful door should. You see it everyday, probably at least twice a day as you leave from and return to your [...]

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How Long Does a House Alarm Battery Last?

In the midst of hundreds of thousands of Californians being left without power recently - on multiple occasions - many have been reminded about just how much of their household depends on electricity. From something as simple as not being able to charge smartphones, to something more detrimental for those who rely on electricity [...]

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How to Tell if a Burglar is Watching Your House

For as much as we like to think so, burglary might not be as random as you’ve been led to believe. Sure, being a victim might be pure bad luck - with criminals picking your house or neighborhood to case out of all in the world - but the act of the burglary is [...]

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Zip Tie the Garage Door? Think Again.

Are you familiar with the phrase “robbing Peter to pay Paul?” It essentially means you’re solving a problem by creating another problem. When it comes to zip tying your garage door, I can think of no better explanation. Before I get to why, here is the crux of the situation. All overhead garage doors [...]

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Interview with Home Security List

Our hopeful good night’s sleep is often disturbed by the thought of burglars entering our homes and worse, endangering our lives and our loved ones. An interrupted peace of mind. The deprivation of a well deserved security. In 2011, more than 2 million burglaries were reported in America alone. A significant percentage of those incidents [...]

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