Credit Card Security Measures

Credit Card Security Measures

The chip and pin security features that credit cards offer is a very secure and simple integration that makes using a credit card safer and easier. This security works in way that allows the user to enter a PIN (personal identification number) during checkout. This is a wonderful security feature because with chip and pin security the instances of forged signatures will be drastically reduced. Too often retailers fail to make the effort of comparing signatures during check out, with this security feature without knowing the PIN a purchase cannot be made. CPS is excellent because even if your card were to become lost or stolen, unauthorized purchases could not me made since they would not know the PIN.

The credit cards that have implemented this feature, embed a chip directly into the card. This chip contains the PIN within it, when you arrive at any establishment in person, to make a purchase you will be required to enter the pin into a number pad provided to you at check out by the retailer. The credit card machine will then confirm that the chip has the same number embedded as the one you provided.

One specific drawback of the chip and pin security is that the added security does not prevent unauthorized withdrawals at an ATM. Even though a stolen card would be difficult to use in a retail setting for purchases, the added security will not apply to a thief wanting to withdrawal money using the cash machine. Additionally, not all retailers have adapted to this new security. At some retailers the chip and pin security will not make a difference, you may still be required to sign a receipt.

These new security features with a credit card, once adapted by all retailers will be an excellent deterrent for theft of credit cards, as well as identity theft. The instances of unauthorized purchases and credit card thefts will decrease in a dramatic way, especially if they can somehow implement the security feature for ATM withdrawals and online purchases. The chip and pin security only seems to work with retailers that have the system adapted into their own machines. It does not work with ATMS or online retail settings because the card must actually be swiped and read.

Implementing the security feature to work with these settings will be an excellent method of theft deterrent and add additional safety to our world.


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