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Cutting a rug in your Garage

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Cutting a rug in your Garage

Interior view of a garage

There’s plenty of things that people do with their garages to transform the space into something more useful than a place where you put your car, yard tools and old buckets of paint from the 80s.

Some turn the garage into a home theater zone while others decide to create a garage rock jam space. If you or your family happens to be into dance, there’s no reason why you can’t set up a dance studio in your garage if you have enough space to do so.

A Good Looking Dance Floor

There’s a good chance that your garage floor is cement if you haven’t already done something to the space. If that’s the case, the first thing you’ll need to do is install some sort of hardwood flooring over the cement. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even real wood, as long as the surface allows for a bit of give and take.

You’ll also need to grab some marley flooring, which is double-sided flooring that helps to cushion the blow of difficult moves while protecting the floor from nicks and scrapes. Marley flooring is portable and also has the benefit of providing a slip-free surface that prevents accidents and injuries.

Dance Studio Accessories

Dance studios frequently have a lot of mirrors throughout the space, not because dancers are narcissistic, but because of the need to monitor the way that they perform the moves. Without mirrors, dancers have no way of knowing if they’re practising their moves in the correct manner, or if they need to align their poses differently.

Dance barres, like the ones that you see in ballet classes, are another vital part of any decent dance studio environment. Since this part of the studio helps dancers develop their balance, barres need to be securely installed to prevent accidents from happening.

Of course, no dance studio is complete without a music system to feed rhythm and melody into the dancer’s soul.



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