Store Locations

We are available with these fine stores and we are in active negotiations with all major hardware, many retail, and auto parts stores in the continental United States including Canada and Mexico. TYPICAL OBJECTIONS: COST: I don’t want to spend that much: The average home burglary costs $2200 and wouldn’t be covered without a [...]

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WARNING: Insurance Claims May Be Denied

Yes, it is possible that your insurance company can and may deny or at least delay, any insurance claims for home intrusion, break ins, burglaries, or other criminal activity resulting from criminals breaking into your home using the 6 second break in! Why? Because insurance companies during their investigation to ensure an actual crime [...]

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Zip Tie Warning

Link: Zip Ties Violate Federal Regulations and UL 325 certification requirements. Using a Zip Tie or cutting the emergency rope is illegal, and dangerous! Never use a zip tie to lock your garage door emergency rope mechanism. Using a Zip Tie prevents easy access to the life-saving operation intended by the emergency mechanism. There [...]

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