The Garage Shield does not require tools. All screws and retainers can be used by hand. Hold Shield in position against J-Arm and align Brace assembly for best fit. Wrap brace around J-Arm Position as high as possible (see video). Snap together. Tighten the Thumb Screw to secure in place. Optional - Loop emergency [...]

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The Garage Shield has been designed to stay firmly attached to your garage door connection arm or J-arm, and should for last many years. It is made from standard ABS plastic and should hold up well in both heat and cold conditions.

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How Does It Work?

The typical garage door break in takes less than a few minutes, with some as quick as 6 seconds.   The Garage Shield is a simple, durable, reliable break in deterrent shield, that inhibits the ability for a simple coat hook from accessing the release mechanism and/or emergency rope on the garage opener track assembly. [...]

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