PLASTIC: Why is it plastic?

Why plastic? Because: 1) Metal would put unnecessary added weight on the garage opener mechanism 2) Metal (in some environments) is susceptible to rust 3) Metal is more reflective, and a criminal with a flashlight may detect it’s presence Plastic is lighter in weight, made with durable 100% ABS black plastic that doesn’t reflect [...]

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OTHERS: I have seen better products

No other product is as lightweight, federally compliant (legal), UL325 compliant, easy to set up, while also being maintenance-free, as the Garage Shield. We believe this is the best theft deterrent on the market. Again there is no maintenance, it will not interfere with the operation of your garage door opener. Even IDA administrative [...]

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DIY: I can build it myself

Doing the measuring and taking all calculations into account, going to your local hardware store, trying to find the right material that you actually need, then coming home and assembling it, can cost you upwards of $50-$80 including your time (opportunity cost). And we all know those DIY projects always take more than one [...]

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