Find the Perfect Nanny Using This 6 Step Guide

Finding a nanny FAQ 

What qualities make a good nanny for infants?

The best nannies can handle children of any age. But if you’re looking for a sitter for your infant, they should know basic safety procedures like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for infants. 

How much should I pay my nanny?

Like anything, child care pay falls on a scale. When deciding on your nanny’s salary or hourly rate, consider how many children they’ll be watching and for how long. Any advanced degrees or years of experience can also increase their pay. recommends at least starting at $16 per hour for any nanny or babysitter. 

What’s the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

While both nannies and babysitters care for kids, nannies tend to live in the home with the family they work with. Babysitters are generally on call for occasional work and tend to be in high school or college. Nannies generally have a degree or formal education.  

Can a nanny help with my child’s schoolwork?

Of course. If you’re looking for tutoring help for your child, it helps to mention this to the nanny before you hire them. 

Just wondering where Mary Poppins got her flying umbrella?

We’re guessing Hogwarts.


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