Garage Defender Review #sponTUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015

You lock your house doors every night, right? But do you lock your garage? People are often surprised to know how easy it is to break into a garage door – even one with an electronic opener.Just one of the ways your garage door can be opened is by pushing in the top (remember, crooks don’t care about causing permanent damage to your home!) and grabbing the emergency release cord with a hanger or other long hook.Head outside for a moment to look at your garage door while it’s closed. When the door is open, the release is in the center of the garage ceiling. When it’s closed the release is conveniently right by the door.What’s a person to do? Well, the people who sell the Garage Defender would like you to buy their device and put it on your garage door. They sent me one for review.The design is simple and it gets the job done. Some of the simplest designs turn out to be super useful. It is easy to install and does not get in the way of the garage opening up.I thought this was a great solution to a tricky problem (home security.) Unfortunately, my husband did not agree with me. He seemed to think people could not push through and get into our garage and refused to let me keep the garage defender up or buy a second one for the other door.Watch the video above, walk out to your garage, and decide for yourself.Disclosure: I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and this article does NOT contain affiliate links. No compensation was received.

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