GPS Trackers for People with Dementia

AngelSense is a small device that attaches to your loved one’s clothes or waistband, using safety lock pins to stay in place. We love that all of AngelSense’s wearables are comfy for older adults and children alike. 

A person with dementia can wear the device on their clothes or with the specialized waist belt all day without any irritating seams or tags. The waist belt is a unique addition for GPS locators, especially for people who have trouble keeping their clothing on. 

The AngelSense app is the control center for the device. These are a few of its features: 

  • Set up virtual fences
  • Get regular location updates
  • Create custom alerts 
  • Retrace their steps 
  • See their current location

In addition, its audio features let you listen in to their environment, speak to them directly, or set off an audible alarm that lets you find them nearby. 

The device comes equipped with an SOS button the person wearing it can use to call you in the case of an emergency. If they feel threatened, scared, or find themselves lost, the button on the device will connect directly to your smart device. 

To top it all off, AngelSense has an impressively long battery life compared to the other trackers on our list. It lasts for about six days (or around 144 hours), but we still recommend charging it frequently. 

AngelSense currently doesn’t charge for equipment. You can get the device for free and then choose your subscription plan. Two of these plans require an annual contract—one you can pay monthly while the other requires one payment per year. The third is a month-to-month plan that doesn’t require a contract but costs a little more. 

  • Month-to-month plan without contract: $52.99
  • Monthly plan with contract: $39.99 
  • Annual plan with contract: $33.33

Unfortunately, AngelSense is not waterproof, but the sleeves can help keep water off the device while they’re outside. 

Learn more about pricing and features from our full AngelSense review


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