How to Build a New Home: A Timeline

Problems are bound to pop up, and those obstacles are often better managed when you understand who is supposed to do what and why.

Homeowners: Visionaries, Decision Makers, and Communicators
It’s your responsibility to know what you can afford and to articulate the aspects of the house you particularly care about, as well as the ones that are less important to you.

Real Estate Agents: Land Wranglers and Closers
Real estate agents assist in purchasing the parcel of land as well as the closing of the house.

Contractors, Builders, and Construction Managers: The Dream Team
These are the folks that make your dreams come true. Not only does a construction manager supervise and guide the build, they also keep the team and build on schedule. However, keep in mind components that might impact the build process—some are just out of your control.

Lenders: Money Movers
This role is pretty straightforward. Lenders ensure you have the money to purchase a lot and build a house.

Architects and Designers: Artists and Creators
This is a multi-disciplinary role that not only designs a house according to the clients’ requests but also ensures that the space and structure comply with local building codes. The architect or designer also coordinates and oversees construction and subcontractors, also known as trades.

Engineers: Logistics Guru
Engineers are involved throughout the whole build, specifically in relation to safety, plumbing, and electricity. They assess limitations and ensure that the structure and system are up to code, cost-effective, and practical.

Specialty Contractors: Tradesmen
These are trade-specific contractors, like HVAC technicians, electricians, painters, roofers, etc. They’ll be handling the particular job you hired them for.

Inspectors: Pretty Important People
Inspectors review the designs prior to the actual build. They also periodically check in to ensure that local laws, codes, and ordinances are obeyed up until the very end of the build.


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