How to Secure Your Dorm Room


Do most residence halls have security cameras?

It depends, though most usually have some on the exterior. Whatever the case may be, having a security camera in your room can help you pinpoint who stole something in the event it happens—which can help you find it.

If I’m good about keeping my room locked, do I still need a safe?

No matter how good you are at locking up after you leave, the people you live with may not be. Most schools offer safe rentals, but since keeping your belongings in a safe isn’t limited to just your time on campus, investing in a reliable safe for future years isn’t a bad idea.

Also, cleaning crews and maintenance workers often come through during winter/spring break, so it’s best to play things on the safe side.

What can I do if I can’t afford to buy products to keep my things safe?

If you can’t afford high-tech security products, there are many commonsense tactics you can use to protect yourself for free.

For starters, never give away your key or student ID card, and be sure to always lock the door to your room. If your roommate forgot their key but isn’t coming home until you’re sound asleep, don’t leave the door unlocked for them—it’s much safer to wake up to let them in.


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