How to Test Water at Home with a Water Test Kit

FAQs about Testing Water Quality

How long does it take to get results using an at-home water quality test?
Most at-home tests don’t require mailing samples to a lab and can provide results within 10 minutes. The exception is some of the more complicated tests like those for bacteria, which may require maintaining a certain temperature and up to 48 hours to develop fully.

Are the results from at-home water quality testing kits reliable?
Results from at-home water quality testing kits can be reliable if you follow the instructions carefully. Making sure you don’t open the test strips accidentally or expose them to other substances on your hands will help. You should also be careful to use cold water that has run for several minutes and time your tests closely. If you follow the instructions, most at-home water quality tests fall within the range of professional testing results.

My drinking water has some serious contaminants. What do I do next?
If the results from your at-home drinking water test kit are concerning, you should confirm them with professional testing to pinpoint the problem. Whether it’s aging pipes or toxins in the watershed, investing in a water filter to ensure safe drinking water for your family is a crucial first step. Check out our recommendations for the best water filters to see which solution may work best for you.


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