Infrared Alarm System

Infrared Alarm System

Infrared alarm system is the most sophisticated of all security alarm systems. It detects motions or movements of an infrared producing source, which is usually the human body. All things (be it living or not) emit infrared radiation. Infrared radiation can not be seen by the human eyes but can be perceived through electronic devices designed for detecting infrared radiation.
In an infrared alarm system, infrared detecting devices are placed strategically and inconspicuously on a room or hallway. These devices send out infrared beams through the room or hallway. The infrared beams are sent out in layers. The upper most of these layers goes about over sixty feet straight and goes thirty-five feet sideways. The center layer of the infrared beams spreads in the room midway while the lower most layers sweeps the area near the detector.
Each of these infrared detecting devices calculates the infrared temperature of area the beam lands on. If there is a sudden change of temperature the infrared alarm system will then analyze the change in temperature if it is enough to trigger an alarm. For example if you walk in front of a painting (your body temperature differs from the painting), the infrared alarm system will then detect a violation of the temperature and then will eventually set off an alarm.
Infrared alarm systems do not trigger an alarm if the room warms up and cools down slowly. Infrared alarm systems have a built in microchip that enables the infrared alarm system to adjust itself for slow and regular temperature variations, so that the infrared alarm system will not be set off by a change of climate.
The sensors of the infrared alarm systems cannot detect thru walls and windows because it will only calculate the infrared temperature on the first thing or object the beam lands. Most of these infrared detecting sensors are small and inconspicuous.
The only setback with infrared alarm system is that this system is very expensive. A single infrared sensor device can not protect the whole house. You will need lots of infrared sensors to protect the whole house. If you want to be more protected have one infrared sensor device in every room of the house. The ideal location of infrared sensor devices is on the ceiling so that it would have a full three hundred sixty degree look on the room.
If you have a pet on your household, there is now an infrared alarm system that features “Pet Immune Motion Sensors”. These highly advance systems will not set off even if your pet roams around the house. The infrared sensor devices of these systems will memorize the weight of your pet’s weight.
Having a well designed infrared system is a good way of protecting your house or establishment.


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