Interact With Your Pet Throughout the Day with a Pet Cam

Features to consider when choosing a pet camera

When it comes to choosing a pet cam, one size does not fit all. From basic to feature-packed, there are many different pet cameras on the market—each offering unique benefits.


Before you evaluate the features of a pet cam, make sure it’s compatible with your smartphone and operating system. Newer pet cams, and those with multiple features, may only work with recently released mobile devices or the most current operating systems. Typically, compatibility information is found on the pet cam’s website under product details or product specifications.

Live streaming

One of the most important features to look for in a pet cam is a live stream setup. To help ensure a clear live stream video of your pet, SafeWise recommends choosing a camera with at least 720p HD.

Camera functions

Pet camera functions can vary quite a bit from pet cam to pet cam. To capture the most detailed video and images of your pet, the camera should have zoom and tilt features and a wide-angle view of at least 100 degrees. iFamCare Helmet is a smart choice for pet owners who want to enjoy a quality live stream experience but don’t want to spend a fortune. This product boasts a 360-degree view and 1080p HD camera.

Motion- and sound-activated video

In addition to live streaming, some pet webcams include motion and sound activation. With these features, the camera starts recording video and sends an alert to your phone as soon as it senses motion or sound.

Night vision

Pet owners who are away from home in the evening will want a pet cam with night vision. This allows you to keep an eye on your pet 24/7—without leaving all the lights on. Furbo Dog Camera offers infrared LED night vision and 4x digital zoom, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Two-way voice

If you want to talk with your furry or feathered friend while you’re away from home, two-way voice communication is a must have. This feature helps keep you and your pet close and allows you to verbally correct or reward their behavior.

A treat dispenser

What could be more fun than giving your pet a treat right from your phone? Not all pet cams offer this feature, so if it’s important to you, narrow down your choices to those that do. Read the product’s specifications carefully before purchasing to be sure your pet’s favorite snacks are compatible with the dispenser. Petzi Treat Cam is a remote treat dispenser and pet cam all in one.


Playing with your pet throughout the day can entertain you both. It also gives your pet some exercise and may help take their mind off chewing the baseboards. PetCube comes with a built-in laser pointer toy and is available in three trendy colors.

Social sharing

Many pet owners love to post videos and pictures of their pets on social media. Sound like you? Then choose a pet webcam like Petzi Treat Cam, which offers the convenience of posting to some social sites right from the pet cam app.

An attractive design

If style is important to you, you need a pet cam that has the features you want and complements your home’s décor. The good news is, pet cams come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and quite a few are available in more than one color. 


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