January House Upkeep and Safety List

What if I haven’t yet completed any cold weather preventive house upkeep?

Drain pipes the water from your garden hose pipe and turn off your outdoor faucets to avoid damage from water freezing inside. It’s also an excellent idea to close your storm windows, clean particles from window wells, and caulk any cracks in outside doors and windows.

What should I look for in a security system?

Decide if you want a Do It Yourself or expertly set up system. Determine the number of detectors you’ll need for doors and windows (do not forget your garage door) and whether you’ll wish to keep track of additional gadgets like carbon monoxide gas sensors and smoke alarm.

Can a security system keep track of a water leakage sensor?

Yes. Lots of security business provide water leakage detectors that you can put near home appliances with water hoses, like your water heater or washer. Your system will keep track of the detectors in the same way it would keep track of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. You can also purchase stand-alone water leakage sensors with loud alarms or mobile phone alerts.


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