September Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist


Drain and winterize outside irrigation

If you live in a place that drops below freezing in the winter, you need to turn your outside water off and winterize your irrigation system. Get on it. Pronto.

Turn off and cover AC unit

At some point this month, you’ll probably crank that AC for the last time. Power it down and cover it to protect the unit from the winter elements.

Install storm windows

If you’ve got them, install ‘em. Lock in those storm windows before the first big nor’easter hits.

Rake leaves and dispose of mulch

It’s tempting to leave all that mess for another time, but your lawn will suffer under the weight of that muck. Remove leaves and mulch from your yard and dispose of it at your local green-waste facility.

Prune plants and trees

Many plants, and especially trees, should be pruned in the fall—so tackle unruly branches and shape shrubs before the first frost.

Inspect roof

This is your last chance to spot problems before the snow starts flying, so take a good look and fasten any loose shingles.

Organize the garage for winter and fall

Before the leaves start shedding, dig up your trusty leaf blower and rake. If you have a lawnmower, conduct any seasonal maintenance before putting it away like removing the fuel and other components.

Fertilize your lawn

Before summer’s completely gone, put another healthy dose of fertilizer on your lawn. Your grass will wake up in the spring and thank you.

Clean gutters

Clear the last of the debris from those gutters to make them ready for runoff from approaching storms. Clogged gutters in the winter can result in ice dams that’ll damage the exterior of your home.

Drain and store garden hoses

Your hoses will last longer if you care for and store them properly along with your other garden tools. Just don’t forget to drain the water first. Or get a nice, icy cold surprise when you wind them up. Either way—your choice.

Touch up exterior paint

Walk around the perimeter of your home and give any unsightly spots a touch-up. It’ll be your last chance to put on a good face before the holidays.


If you’re afraid you’ll fail to get a handle on your fall tasks, schedule one per week on your calendar so September doesn’t get away from you.


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