SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint Home Security

SimpliSafe set out to do home security differently than everyone else. That’s why you won’t encounter any high-pressure salespeople or challenging, long-term agreements.

SimpliSafe devices is modern and interest individuals who aren’t ready to compromise design for security.

SimpliSafe’s stripped-down packages make it easy for people residing in apartment or condos, dormitories, or roomie scenarios to include security. It can be more difficult to utilize a SimpliSafe security system for bigger houses and properties– particularly without any outdoor security cameras readily available.

We like this useful, low-cost approach to home security and value that you can take or leave monthly monitoring. But SimpliSafe’s main weakness is its constant evolution.

When the company launched an upgraded version of the entire system, the new parts didn’t work with older variations. This leaves long-time customers in the dust because they’ll have to buy a totally brand-new SimpliSafe security system when they’re all set to update.

SimpliSafe has actually likewise been sluggish to adopt house automation, simply hardly adding compatibility with Nest, Amazon Alexa, and August smart locks


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