The Internet And Security – How To Avoid The Pitfalls

The Internet And Security – How To Avoid The Pitfalls

According to many Internet experts, Internet and security concerns are foremost on people’s minds nowadays. With all of the security and Internet stories about identity theft, Internet worms, Trojan horse viruses, and spyware, everyone wants to make sure that they have the best Internet security available. The problem is that the Internet is still a fairly new technology. Even the most tech savvy of us usually don’t know how it works, or how to adequately protect ourselves. In general, we are stuck taking the advice of anyone who will give it to us. We take their word about what are the best Internet and security solutions without really knowing how to investigate it ourselves. In general, we don’t know where Internet security problems start, or how to fix them.

I have been researching Internet and security lately, and what I have found has surprised me. It turns out that Internet security and privacy have a lot more to do with the programs that you are running than what websites you go to. Users of Apple computers, for example, almost never get viruses. They are rarely exposed to worms, or identity theft problems provided that they adequately protect their passwords. The same goes for users of Linux. As a matter of fact, the only operating system which is routinely exposed to Internet and security threats is Windows. Anyone who uses Windows and is concerned about Internet and security Should really think about changing operating systems. It is easier to do than you might think.

The reason that Windows is such a Web security risk has a lot to do with the way that it is put together. Basically, is made to do everything for you. If you use Microsoft Mail, for example, it will automatically open files without asking you, never knowing whether or not a virus lurks inside. At every level, it is written with Internet and security concerns as an afterthought. This means that it is Completely filled with holes. When these holes are discovered, they will send out Internet and security bug fixes. Until someone is victimized, however, they usually have no idea that the programs are at risk.

Of course, Internet Web security is another problem altogether. A lot of Internet and security problems start in the computer, but other ones start with Internet transactions. E commerce security is not quite as good as a lot of the companies would have you believe. Often, passwords and financial information are stolen from Internet web sellers. No matter how good your own security is, if you buy from someone with a flawed system, you could be the victim.


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