Top 6 Reputable Coronavirus Resources

As we enter the era of the new coronavirus, the internet is abuzz with COVID-19 stats, stories, guidelines, and tips. 

So far, only a handful of the world’s pandemics have emerged during the Information Age. 1 With this unprecedented information access, how do you know which sources to trust during a global health emergency? 

Keep an eye on nationally recognized public health experts and organizations. And when you spot fishy claims, check original sources. Hint: a “.gov” site is usually more reliable than a viral tweet, whether the person posting flaunts that precious blue checkmark or not.

Where to Get the Facts on COVID-19

We compiled a list of top-notch coronavirus resources alongside reasons you can trust them. 

Their sites offer COVID-19 health tips, research, national/international updates, and stats. While exact numbers for US COVID-19 cases and deaths are virtually impossible to find, these organizations will have the closest figures. 

Streamline your daily scrolling by checking in with these sites first. While you’re at it, tap “follow” on their social accounts so the latest updates come straight to your feed.


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