Why I Love Miami Beach Florida

Why I Love Miami Beach Florida

Amongst the numerous appealing factors for going to Miami Beach, Florida, are, naturally, the reason now called the must-attend Spring Break, or the roller-blading beach charms, or the perfect climate condition.

More attractive factors, going beyond the tourist’s fondness for pleasant bay winds and such, is in the credibility a location like Miami Beach, Florida has for including popular TELEVISION programs and series and hosting movies which have a Miami Beach, Florida setting.

The very first enduring program of the past is obviously the Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas initial “Miami Vice” variation, which highlighted the Miami Beach, Florida scenes, ocean- and landscapes, and even southern styles of the eighties and seventies– the open necked tee shirt and sports coat and shoes without socks look that spread out through the land as quick as Disco gold chains and polyester did.

In the very same category, thirty years later on, the even more prominent Miami Beach, Florida program is CSI: MIAMI. The hang-dog brave, the neo-Clint Eastwood with an intelligence of David Caruso’s character leads the group into the Miami Beach, Florida high-end houses, onto the luxury yachts and speedboats, and through the hippest of clubs of the well-known celebration town. The information are remarkable; the scenes are captivating.

Perhaps the criminal offense stats– indicated– are too off-putting for one to believe of in fact taking holiday at Miami Beach, Florida … Then the cinematic method to go is by old movies and more recent non-detective/mystery/crime story styles. That is, possibly one can comprehend the regional offerings, the schools, the libraries, the networking possibilities, the property, by seeing “Police Academy” or “Bad Santa” or “Wild Things.”

Perhaps one can get a sense of the aesthetic appeals, the social environment, and the politics of Miami Beach, Florida in a motion picture such as the brand-new “Miami Vice” or the older, more non-fictionalized “A Sculpture of Love and Anguish: The Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial.”

Or, possibly one can value the directly beaches and wind in the palms environment in movies like “Always Something Better;” “Black Sunday;” or “The Godfather” or “The Crew.”

Sure, it might be an odd, wacky method to set about searching for realty in Miami Beach Florida or selecting the perfect getaway hotel or location.

Once again, it might be a more reasonable impression to carefully view a program than to check out a handout or 2 … and besides, how do you believe 3-D marketing got its start?


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