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With the rising risks brought to us by COVID-19, higher unemployment, civil unrest, and uncertainties our world faces, a Garage Shield adds yet one more level of security to yourself and loved ones.

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GARAGE SHIELD | 5stars free img | Proven Protection

“As a 27 year Police veteran, I cannot say enough about The Garage Shield, except to say I fully endorse this product. What an amazing method to prevent break and enters through the garage, virtually illuminating the 6 second break-in. The simplicity of the product, makes it both effective and affordable. In the Policing community, we want citizens to "target harden" their homes against thieves, the Garage Shield helps accomplish this goal.”

Dave Pollard

D. Pollard

Former Law Enforcement Officer

GARAGE SHIELD | 5stars free img | Proven Protection

“An alarm system doesn’t actually keep people out, but the Garage Shield does! Anyone that cares about home security seriously, should install one immediately”

Dave Garrett

D. Garrett

Owner - Camelback Alarm




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It will work on any standard automatic garage door

Amazon, your next best friend!  Just search for “The Garage Shield” on Amazon, and you’ll find us.  Note: Just like other retailers, we charge more on Amazon for the exact same product, due to marketing fees.

“My 76 year old mother installed it without issue.”

–  Alex Wolfram – Inventor – The Garage Shield

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Moving? New Opener? Lost Parts?

Extra Hardware Set ($19.58 Value)

Need Extra Hardware? Lost Parts | Moving | New Door Opener Replacement Parts | Broken Parts Actual Cost for Replacement parts: Fasteners : $4.98 @ Advanced Auto U-Clip : $6.75  @ MSC Direct Thumb Screw : $7.85 @ Grainger