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Forced Entry

Everyone wants to be safe in their home and having sturdy, trusted locks on your doors and windows is one way to increase your peace of mind. Although it’s often clear if you become a victim of a burglary when valuables are taken, it can be more difficult to detect someone who might be meddling with your locks, in hopes of finding an opportunity to steal at a later time.

According to the FBI, roughly 7.7 million property crimes are committed each year. The team at Dawson Security Group wants you to be aware of the signs of lock meddling so you can better protect your family and belongings in your Houston home.

Forced Entry is probably the most easy to detect as perpetrators often don’t take care to hide their attempts. Signs of forced entry may include drill evidence around a deadbolt, bent or broken locks, and marks or damaged doors. Look for signs that lock fixtures have been moved from uneven paint or loose screws as well as warping around doors and frames.

Bumping locks involves filing down the teeth of a key into a miniature saw, which creates a bump key. The key is inserted into the lock and withdrawn one click at a time, which is followed by a bump that secures each lock tumbler in succession. Signs of bumping may include small nicks around the keyhole or warped pins and bolts.

Just like in the movies, thieves can pick a lock using small tools inserted into the keyhole. Essentially, an individual can pick a lock by raking the pin tumblers one at a time with a flat screwdriver or similar tool. Picking can be difficult to detect, but may leave tiny scratch marks near the keyhole.

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