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Other than back doors and isolated windows, your garage door is the most vulnerable point-of-entry for burglars to gain access to your home. Just because your garage door is down, that doesn’t mean it’s locked. It’s simply CLOSED. It takes a burglar only a few seconds to gain access if you don’t have the appropriate garage door lock.

Most homes have an overhead garage door. It could be made of galvanized steel, fiberglass, aluminum or wood. The good moves along a track using rollers. To assist the door’s opening and closing, it is attached to a garage door opener. When activated, the electric motor pulls or pushes the door open or closed.

Garage doors are an essential tool used by homeowners every day for convenient and safe entry to their homes. Many busy professionals zip out of their garage in the morning and fly back inside at the end of the work day. Years ago losing your house keys was considered a major crisis. Today the real crisis is losing the remote to the garage door opened.

If you have a standard electric garage door opener, you might be surprised to learn that even an inexperienced burglar can open the door in just a few seconds. Just because the garage door is down, that doesn’t mean it’s locked. The garage door opener is intended to open and close the door. By no means is it a garage door lock.

Be sure to check out THE GARAGE SHIELD. It provides an added layer of security as well as peace-of-mind against garage break-ins.

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