Garage Door Lock Mechanism

In an average house, the garage door lock mechanism is extremely vulnerable. By watching a short video on YouTube, burglars can learn how to break into your garage in a matter of second. The garage door lock mechanism is designed to allow you to operate the door manually during a power outage or equipment failure.

The garage door lock mechanism includes a release system that disengages your overhead door from the opener so that it can be opened manually. The system features an emergency release cord that hangs down. The cord normally has a red handle. Pulling this cord disengages the door from the opener and allows it to be opened or closed manually.

Burglars can break into your garage by activating the emergency door lock mechanism. This is done by inserting a wedge between the door and the wall at the top. It will easily slide behind the weather stripping, creating a very small gap. The wire coat hanger is inserted through this narrow gap. Now comes the patience. The hook at the end of the coat hanger has to grasp the release mechanism. Trying to grab the pull cord won’t work because you won’t have the right leverage to pull it down. After some practice, this trick can be pulled off in just a few seconds.

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