Garage Door Lock

There are many ways in which burglars enter homes. it’s not surprising that the most common way is through the front door. The garage door is another way. Most burglars know that just because a garage down is down, that doesn’t mean it’s LOCKED. Unfortunately, an estimated 25% of home burglaries escalate into personal assaults. You can never be too cautious or too protected against home invaders and possible assault.

If a burglar can only get into your garage, chances it contains valuable property like power tools, lawn equipment, outdoor recreational vehicles, and maybe even a motorcycle or two. Choosing the right garage door lock is crucial to protecting your property and investments.

The most types of garage door locks:

  • The T-Handle – T-Handle locks used to be more popular than they are now and that’s because, while they’re great at securing the garage, they’ve been pretty effectively overshadowed by other more high tech security options like the ones we’ll outline below. They also, like every other type of commercial garage door security device, require you to get out of your car to open the garage door. Still, they represent a relatively secure method of locking the door whether you’re at home or away.
  • Digital Keypad Lock – With keyless digital locks you enter your code into a keypad which unlocks the door. This code can be changed whenever you see fit and it’s probably a good idea to change it regularly. There’s no picking a keyless digital lock and as such they provide a high degree of security. However, as we alluded to above, you’ll need to exit your car to enter the code into the keypad.
  • Fingerprint Lock– Like the keypad lock the fingerprint lock is very secure. Since your fingerprint is unique it’s impossible to mimic it or to guess or steal the right code. Also, multiple fingerprints can be programmed into the system for the various people in the house so you have total control over who gets in this way. The advantage is that you won’t have to be constantly reprogramming a PIN access code. The disadvantage is that these systems can be expensive.
  • Side Door Bolts – No one on the outside can see if your door has a side door bolt so even if the burglar realizes one or more are in play he’ll have a hard time determining exactly where it is. This type of lock is used after you arrive home and the door is closed behind you. The advantage is that it’s a simple solution that will go a long way toward securing your garage after you’ve come home. The disadvantage is that while you’re out your door may be vulnerable.

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