Wired alarm keypads are input devices that connect with a security system using a wired connection. A wired keypad normally interfaces with a security system in order to be used as its primary control unit. Many wired keypads also bring an additional function to the security setup so the user is able to get the most out of their security system.

Some keypads are NOT part of an integral home security system. Keypads are often used to open and close a garage door. Entering the correct code will simply open or close the garage door. Do not be deceived into thinking this type of keypad is a security device. It provides ZERO security. It simply opens and closes the garage door.

Wireless garage door opener keypads are convenient. They eliminate the need for everyone in the household to have their own remote to open and close the door. Once the keyboard is synced to the electric garage door opener, the remote openers are no longer required.

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