T-Handle Garage Door Locks

The T-Handle garage door lock is a combination handle and locking mechanism for garage doors. The T-handle should be coupled with a swivel or snap locking mechanism. It has a key lock mechanism used to secure the handle in the closed position so the garage door cannot be opened.

T-handle garage door locks are standard on many overhead garage doors and are also available as optional hardware. Parts of the lock include a chrome or anodized handle that mounts on the outside of the door, two wires attached to the inside of the handle, and a pair of lock mechanisms. When you turn the handle, tension on the cables retracts the rods on the lock mechanisms and the door can be opened

T-handle garage door locks are installed on the outside of your door. The inside of your garage door will have a cable system that attaches to two bolts. The bolts are secured into your door’s tracks and released on the turning of the T-handle lock. These locks use a cylindrical-shaped key for opening and closing the door that is far harder to replicate than ordinary keys. T-handle locks are generally best suited for wooden garage doors.

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