Traditional Garage Door Locks

The Padbolt is an old, but secure form of lock that can be used to secure your garage door. The padbolt consists of a simple bolt that can be secured with a padlock. Padbolt garage door locks  come in a wide range of sizes. If you have the extra cash you can opt for the larger, more secure types of padbolts. You can also increase the effectiveness of your padbolt by investing in a more secure type of padlock. If you have a secure padlock, then your garage is more secure than having nothing.

The rim lock is so named since the lock is placed on the rim or edge of your door. It includes its own locking mechanism so you don’t need a padlock. Rim locks are available in single or double locking systems, which means they work from one or both sides of the door. This offers double the protection of a single lock.

The mortise deadlock is one of the most secure types of traditional garage door locks. Once secured to the garage door, the lock can be opened from both sides of the door with a key. The two types of mortise deadlocks are the 3 lever and the 5 lever. The five-lever is more secure and is available in a sashlock version that adds door handles and a latch to help keep the door closed even if the device itself isn’t locked.

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