The Garage Shield - 2 Pack

In the event you haven’t heard of it, there’s s a hack that has been aired on local news media, and countless social media shares, since 2003.  Seen by countless millions, this 6-second break-in hack makes it really simple for someone to break into a seemingly secure home garage.  

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The Garage Shield
Guaranteed Fit
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Recycled Thermoformed Shield 

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Injection formed Plastic Brace
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Parts attach easily and without any tools
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Multiple holes for easy alignment,
and quick adjust thumb screw
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Won’t Rush, Rattle Off, or Reflect a Flashlight.
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Just How Easy Is it?

  • Install Time :  1 Minute or Less
  • Maintenance Free – No checking linkage or oiling connections.

Required Tools :

  • Hands
  • Ability to Twist Thumbscrew
  • Step Stool (Optional)


  • Push plastic Rivets into Brace 
  • Attach C-Clip to Brace & twist in Thumbscrew
  • Align Shield to Opener arm and push everything together
  • Celebratory Drink
Video Instructions Click – Here

No Sign of “Forced Entry”,
Means No Insurance Pay-Out

The six-second break-in hack leaves no sign of forced entry.  That alone, could deny insurance coverage if you file a claim after an incident.

Women installing garage shield

Simply put, if you have a J-arm (thats the bar that you see the garage shield attaching to in the pictures), then yes, it will work.

Garage Shield does not require any tools for installation. All screws and retainers can be used and fitted by hand.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity.    The design is lightweight enough not to break your garage door opener, but still stop a wire hanger.

Yes! Under normal circumstances, it may take local law enforcement up to 15-20 minutes to respond to a burglary. Even then, officers won’t enter your home if there is no sign of forced entry or any suspicious activity.

If zip ties were a good idea, the owners manual would tell you to use them.  But it doesn’t!  Zip Ties can trap you, a loved one, or other person in your garage during a fire or other emergency.  The news media has been criticized for advocating zip ties because they block emergency exists and put homeowners at risk. This device is recommended by the garage door industry and both law enforcement and fire.

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The 6 Second Break-in has been seen by

of viewers on Youtube, social media, 

and local TV news channels.

Watch example GARAGE break-in :

Example video of six second break in
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What are your risks?

Insurance companies need a sign of "Forced Entry", or they will assume you were complacent in the criminal activity (aka insurance fraud).

Without a Broken Window, Kicked in Door, or other evidence, Police may leave thinking it was a false alarm.

Yep, no noise while you are sleeping. Nothing to wake the dogs.

Security companies refuse to put sensors on garage doors (Don't believe us? Try and Ask!). 

Criminal can their pickup in your garage and load up with your items, while hidden from view!


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