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UL Code 325



Source: Federal Regulation Web Article

What is UL Code 325, and why should you care?
Well, many have asked us:

A profound YES, YES, and YES!

Federal regulations are in place, and have also been updated as of A Rule by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on 04/07/2016

Specifically, the emergency release mechanism (AKA Red Rope), order to be UL Code 325 complaint,  needs to be:

  1. Be Able to Be Detailed (Aka Released)
    This, in and of itself, means no zip ties
  2. At maximum, be within 6 Feet Reach From the Surface of the Ground
    So someone can reach up with their hands, and still reach the red rope and handle
  3. Be Colored Red Rope
    So they easily can be seen from inside in an emergency (the garage shield blocks view from outside criminal)
  4. Red Rope to Be Pulled With 50 Lbs of Pressure or more
    (like if you hung a 50 lbs barbell from the rope)


Excerpt From UL Code 325 Below:

8. Amend § 1211.9 by revising paragraphs (a), (b)(2), and (c) to read as follows:

Full article link: § 1211.9

Additional entrapment protection requirements.

(a) A means to manually detach the door operator from the door shall be supplied. The gripping surface (handle) shall be colored red and shall be easily distinguishable from the rest of the operator. It shall be capable of being adjusted to a height of 6 feet (1.8 m) above the garage floor when the operator is installed according to the instructions specified in § 1211.16(a)

(2). The means shall be constructed so that a hand firmly gripping it and applying a maximum of 50 pounds (223 N) of force shall detach the operator with the door obstructed in the down position. The obstructing object, as described in § 1211.7(b)(3)(i), is to be located in several different positions. A marking with instructions for detaching the operator shall be provided as required by § 1211.17(a), (b), and (j), as applicable.

(b) * * *

(2) The door is capable of being moved to the 2-inch (50.8-mm) point from any position between closed and the 2-inch (50.8-mm) point.

(c) Actuation of a control that initiates movement of a door shall stop and may reverse the door on the closing cycle. On the opening cycle, actuation of a control shall stop the door but not reverse it.



Warning—To reduce the risk of severe injury or death:


2. Never let children operate, or play with door controls. Keep the remote control away from children.

3. Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed. No one should cross the path of the moving door.


5. Test door opener monthly. The garage door MUST reverse on contact with a 11/2 inch object (or a 2 by 4 board laid flat) on the floor. After adjusting either the force or the limit of travel, retest the door opener. Failure to adjust the opener properly may cause severe injury or death.

6. For products requiring an emergency release, if possible, use the emergency release only when the door is closed. Use caution when using this release with the door open. Weak or broken springs may allow the door to fall rapidly, causing injury or death.

7. KEEP GARAGE DOOR PROPERLY BALANCE. See user’s manual. An improperly balanced door could cause severe injury or death. Have a qualified service person make repairs to cables, spring assemblies and other hardware.Start Printed Page 20237

8. For operator systems equipped with an unattended operation feature, the following statement shall be included: “This operator system is equipped with an unattended operation feature. The door could move unexpectedly. NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF THE MOVING DOOR.”

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