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Extremely Easy Installation! garageshield-1-2


One: 10” X 10” Shield – Recycled ABS Plastic (won’t reflect burglars flashlight or rust)
One: 2” X 7” Brace – ABS Plastic
Two: 13/16” Fasteners – Black Nylon Plastic
One: 1/4X20 Thumb Screw – Zinc Metal
One: 1/4X20 U-Clip – Sheet Metal


Push U-Clip onto Brace & align w/ small hole on side
Partially Screw Thumb Screw into U-Clip & hole (see close up)
Push both Fasteners into Brace.
Pre-fold the Brace to get a feel for how it wraps around the J-Arm.


Hold Shield in position against J-Arm and align Brace assembly for best fit.
Position high as possible (see video). Snap together.
Tighten the Thumb Screw to secure in place.
Optional – Loop emergency rope behind Thumb Screw to further secure it out of reach. This is not required as the rope would be very difficult to reach with the Shield in place. 
*UL Code 325 requires emergency rope handle to be no further than 6 feet distance from the floor of the garage to the red handle.