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The Garage Shield

  • Proven Effective

  • Recommended by Law Enforcement

  • Lifetime Parts Guarantee

  • Snaps in Place, No Tools Needed

The Garage Shield

Garage Door Protection From The “6 Second Break In”

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How Do Criminals Get In?

Criminal Pushes in Top Panel of Garage Door
Criminal Pushes in Top Panel of the Garage Door
Criminal Easily Opens With Coat Hanger
Garage Shield Using Coat Hook

Criminal Blocked By The Garage Shield


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Don’t Become a Victim.

Simple, Fast, Affordable,

And Proven Effective


“Installed quickly and easily. The most time consuming part was going up and down the ladder! One more layer of security.”

Jim K., - Happy Customer

“As a 27 year Police veteran, I cannot say enough about The Garage Shield, except to say I fully endorse this product. What an amazing method to prevent break and enters through the garage,virtually illuminating the 6 second break-in. The simplicity of the product, makes it both effective and affordable. In the Policing community, we want citizens to target harden their homes against thieves, the Garage Shield helps accomplish this goal.”

Sgt. “JD”, - Law Enforcement Sergeant

“Overall, a premium product that protects your home and family, is simple to use, and never sleeps, leaving you to get the rest you need worry-free, knowing it is working to ensure your safety.”

Cherilyn F. , - Professional Reviewer & Blogger

“An alarm system doesn’t actually keep people out, but the Garage Shield does! Anyone that cares about home security seriously, should install one immediately”

Dave G., - Owner - Camelback Alarm

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