Compatibility Check2019-09-09T09:30:48-07:00

The Garage Shield is compatible with all overhead garage door openers with the modern sectional configuration only (Excluding some Wayne Dalton and Liftmaster Jack drive 8500).

How Does It Work?2019-09-09T09:30:42-07:00

The typical garage door break in takes less than a few minutes, with some as quick as 6 seconds.   The Garage Shield is a simple, durable, reliable break in deterrent shield, that inhibits the ability for a simple coat hook from accessing the release mechanism and/or emergency rope on the garage opener track assembly.

Be sure to read the FAQ for Insurance claims being denied and zip tie warnings!


The Garage Shield has been designed to stay firmly attached to your garage door connection arm or J-arm, and should for last many years. It is made from standard ABS plastic and should hold up well in both heat and cold conditions.


The Garage Shield does not require tools. All screws and retainers can be used by hand.

  • Hold Shield in position against J-Arm and align Brace assembly for best fit.
  • Wrap brace around J-Arm
  • Position as high as possible (see video). Snap together.
  • Tighten the Thumb Screw to secure in place.
  • Optional – Loop emergency rope behind Thumb Screw to further secure it out of reach. This is not required as the rope would be very difficult to reach with the Shield in place. 
*UL Code 325 requires emergency rope handle to be no further than 6 feet distance from the floor of the garage to the red handle.
  • Watch Video:
DIY: I can build it myself2019-10-18T13:24:51-07:00

Doing the measuring and taking all calculations into account, going to your local hardware store, trying to find the right material that you actually need, then coming home and assembling it, can cost you upwards of $50-$80 including your time (opportunity cost). And we all know those DIY projects always take more than one trip to the local hardware store. How much is you time and energy really worth? The Garage Shield installs in seconds and is available for only $19.95.

INSURANCE: I don’t need it, I have home Insurance2019-09-09T09:29:41-07:00

Your insurance company can delay and even deny a claim if the intruder breaks in using the 6 second break in. Plus, insurance can’t adequately replace items of sentimental value.

SAFE: I live in a safe neighborhood and I’m not worried about it2019-09-09T09:29:34-07:00

The average home burglary costs $2200 and wouldn’t be covered without a sign of forced entry such as those using the 6 second break in.

OTHERS: I have seen better products2019-09-09T09:29:28-07:00

No other product is as lightweight, federally compliant (legal), UL325 compliant, easy to set up, while also being maintenance-free, as the Garage Shield. We believe this is the best theft deterrent on the market. Again there is no maintenance, it will not interfere with the operation of your garage door opener. Even IDA administrative members carry our product.

PLASTIC: Why is it plastic?2019-09-09T09:29:22-07:00

Why plastic? Because:

1) Metal would put unnecessary added weight on the garage opener mechanism

2) Metal (in some environments) is susceptible to rust

3) Metal is more reflective, and a criminal with a flashlight may detect it’s presence

Plastic is lighter in weight, made with durable 100% ABS black plastic that doesn’t reflect flashlights well, is rust proof, and can be more easily assembled using plastic snap on fasteners (no tools needed). Don’t let the design fool you, there were over a dozen prototypes created of the Garage Shield to bring you the best result possible.

POLICE: I have an alarm system and local law enforcement will arrive2019-10-18T13:28:54-07:00

Under normal circumstances it may take local law enforcement up to 15-20 minutes to respond. Law enforcement won’t enter a home if there is no sign of forced entry or suspicious activity.

Delivery Time:2019-09-09T09:30:36-07:00

Order processing takes about 7 days before shipment. Due to high demand, it may take longer.

Zip Tie Warning2019-09-13T20:03:15-07:00

Link: Zip Ties Violate Federal Regulations and UL 325 certification requirements.

Using a Zip Tie or cutting the emergency rope is illegal, and dangerous!

Never use a zip tie to lock your garage door emergency rope mechanism. Using a Zip Tie prevents easy access to the life-saving operation intended by the emergency mechanism. There are false claims on the internet that the zip tie can be easily be broken by using two hands. This is simply not true especially if a vehicle is parked in the garage making the angle of access difficult, let alone when suffering from smoke inhalation! Ask any fire department staff and they staunchly warn you against using zip ties on your garage.

The Garage Shield allows for easy access to the emergency release rope, while still blocking intruders from reaching the rope from the outside. All this and installed in only 4-6 seconds ….and without TOOLS!

WARNING: Insurance Claims May Be Denied2019-09-09T09:30:10-07:00

Yes, it is possible that your insurance company can and may deny or at least delay, any insurance claims for home intrusion, break ins, burglaries, or other criminal activity resulting from criminals breaking into your home using the 6 second break in! Why? Because insurance companies during their investigation to ensure an actual crime has been committed (and was not a result of owner carelessness or worse, insurance fraud), need evidence of forced break in. As the 6 second break in does not leave evidence, your claim can easily be denied.*

Worse, if you have a home security system that reports the alarm to your local police dept. and they arrive and see no forced entry, they would generally leave the home and assume it was a false alarm.

*Check with your insurance provider and/or your state insurance commission for details. Many will not provide a solid respond and simply state that its up to the claims department and their research of the crime.

Store Locations2019-09-09T09:29:59-07:00

We are available with these fine stores and we are in active negotiations with all major hardware, many retail, and auto parts stores in the continental United States including Canada and Mexico.


COST: I don’t want to spend that much:

The average home burglary costs $2200 and wouldn’t be covered without a sign of forced entry such as those using the 6-second break-in. This is a one-time investment to add a layer of security to your home.

Plus, the product is built in the USA and future inventory will support disabled Americans.