Day: September 1, 2020

Antitheft Alarm Systems

Antitheft Alarm Systems Antitheft alarm systems were once found only on establishments and homes of rich and famous people. However, antitheft alarm systems are now commonly found on the homes of “average Joes” in the United States. Ranging from simple “do it yourself” antitheft alarm systems to “state of the art” sophisticated antitheft alarm systems, …

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Step for Online Privacy

Many people believe that they can’t do anything to protect their privacy online, but that’s not true. There actually are simple steps to dramatically reduce online tracking. Step 1. Download DuckDuckGo on all your devices With just one download you’ll get tracker blocking, private searching, increased encrypting, and privacy grading on all of your browsings. …

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The Security Consultant

The Security Consultant We all want to feel more secure wherever we are especially in terms of preventing damage or loss to our personal property or enterprise, and protecting our loved ones, our selves or our personnel. There are several ways in which people invest to make themselves feel more secure. Security guards are one …

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