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6 Commonly Overlooked Home Security Threats

So you’ve upgraded your locks, activated your motion sensors, and are feeling pretty good about the state of your home security. Hold it right there – it’s easy to overlook some major security threats that compromise the safety of your home and family. We should know — we’re the inventors of the Garage Shield. Here are five you may have missed, plus how to fix them.

And the list begins:  

6 commonly overlooked home security threats start with the Garage Shield:

1. Garage doors. Yep, they look safe and closed. But honestly, they seldom are. Believe it or not, someone can get into that seemingly looked smooth surface door, in just 6 SECONDS. It’s not as secure as you think. Our video below shows just how crazy and simple this is.

6 Commonly Overlooked Home Security

2. Sliding doors. The basic lock that came with your sliding doors won’t keep out anyone determined to get in. If you haven’t taken special precautions, burglars can simply lift most sliding doors out of their tracks. Fortunately, there are many specialized locks and products that make sliding doors more secure, including keyed locks and bars.

3. The dog door. Do you have a larger dog? Even if they can’t fit through your dog door, burglars have been known to reach through the dog door to unlock the door. One solution is to install a double cylinder deadbolt that requires a key on both sides to lock or unlock. If you haven’t yet installed a dog door, position it in the middle of the door (you don’t want it to be too close to either hinges or lock) and choose one with a magnetic or electric option for more security.

4. The tree outside your upstairs window or porch. Homeowners often pay less attention to upstairs security, figuring that anything above ground level is inaccessible. But if there’s a tall tree close by, a burglar can scale it to break in through the upstairs. Keep trees close by your house trimmed, don’t leave ladders around in your yard, and install window pins on upstairs windows. Keeping your shrubs and trees trimmed also improves visibility, which burglars hate.

5. Your door hardware. A high security lock won’t keep your door safe from being kicked in if you have hollow doors, flimsy door frames, or strike plates attached with short screws. Investing in a better lock only makes sense when combined with stronger hardware to support it.

6. The back door. Even if your front door is completely up to snuff with a good deadbolt and heavy duty strike plate, every external door is a potential entryway for a burglar. How weak is your weakest link? Check to make sure side, back, and garage doors are as well protected as the front door.

Summary:  Yep, thats your 6 commonly overlooked security threats.   Some are silly, but watch the video below, and see just how vulnerable you are to the garage break in! 

Honorable mention: Power Outages

Home security solutions for power outages help you keep your family safe even when the lights go out. Phone lines are normally still functional during power outages, so maintain a corded, non-electric phone for these instances. Keep emergency supplies, such as flashlights, water, food, and prescription medications easily accessible in case of a power outage or other emergency. Lastly, ensure that all security systems are equipped with backup battery power to discourage opportunists.

Security devices, such as video cameras, motion-sensing alarms, and automated door locks, are important components of a secure home. However, these often-overlooked homeowner security tips add an even greater level of personal and residential security, especially when combined with your existing Protection 1 equipment

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